Rugilo-Torzillo Family

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Rugilo-Torzillo Family

Messaggioda rugilo1950 » mer 16 gen 2013 22:52

Hello everyone, I do apologize that I cannot write Italian properly, therefore I will do it in English.
My name is Roberto Rugilo and I live in Miami, Florida USA, I was born in Argentina and I feel that I'm VERY Italian. My grandfather was Domingo Rugilo the son of Angel Rugilo and Maria Labriola and my Grandmother was Lucia Torzillo also Italian but do not know from where (They met in Argentina), my granfather travel to Argentina in the mid 1900. I am trying to find out if there is any family left in Forenza/Potenza that knew any of my grandparents, it will make me very happy to find that some of my ancestors still live there. Thank you for any information that you may have.

Robert Rugilo
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