[ Favale di amalvaro ] contatto con le nostre origini

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[ Favale di amalvaro ] contatto con le nostre origini

Messaggioda Somnonauta » lun 02 giu 2008 21:43

Hello, affectionately greet Along with, I stand

My name is Luis Bruno Cordano Ortiz, naturalized Italian citizen, born in Iquique - Chile, and resident in the same place. The reason why I write is to tell them that I am the creator and representative of an online community called "The community of the Family Cordano in the World", whose particularity is that we are son, and a granson of Italian immigrants from Favale di Malvaro, all with surnames Cordano. Residents mainly in Italy, Chile, United States, Argentina and Peru.

Our space takes place in an electronic social network called Facebook.com, with 35 members so far, created for the sole purpose of knowing a little more of our roots, and share our common past, giving credit to the effort they made a group of people , To the circumstances of the moment, had to leave the world, and build roads. Perhaps the feeling of wanting to know about our origins, is a necessity, want to tie ropes and position ourselves in a time of our family tree, saying that to be clear where we need to know where we come from, the goal is that through the stories we discover in the way that we are closer than a mere coincidence of names, and make real the dream of some Italian emigrants, returning to reunite with his people, who in his journey through the world, never returned.

In all of us very strong runs the blood of our ancestors in our veins, from this small town in Italy and with much effort and determination, left their homeland and their loved ones, in search of new horizons. That is why I ask respectfully, to open a channel of mutual and fraternal communication, where we can to bring our concerns to know more about the origins of our surname, which is totally unknown to some. I dont know if this it is the suitable channel to do it, but culture one is, the search of the origins, is a very good cultural argument to be published

while waiting for a good host, with a warm hug from a distance, I dismissal.
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